March 12-14, 2024
Seattle, WA, USA

  • The 2021 virtual A&DSS brought together 1000 delegates

    550+ Companies / 25 Countries

  • Each company landed an average of 14.6 pre-arranged meetings

    6000+ meetings were pre arranged

  • The in-person 2022 event gathered 800+ companies
  • “Attending A&DSS is the most effective and efficient trade show event on my calendar. The pre-event matchmaking is a crucial component to ensure that I have focused meetings with top-tier prospects. I met with decision makers at Boeing and other Tier-1 companies who also wanted to meet with me. This even it not a one-way street; I’ve found that it is mutually beneficial for both parties and has led to new business opportunities. And, the customer support from the folks at ADVBE is quick and accommodating. I’m looking forward to the next time I can attend!”

  • “It was great to return to in-person events and the b2b meeting format makes the event very productive. Decision makers were present, and the conversations were impactful with clear next steps. Clearly the supply chain is still recovering from the last few years of turmoil and the value of partnerships with suppliers has never been higher. A&DSS is a great forum to strengthen existing partnerships and form new ones as we all work towards a more robust supply chain”

  • “The greatest benefit of having so many suppliers, buyers, OEM’s and decision makers under one roof is, eventually you will interact with the next great possibility without even planning for it, potentially gaining new business to add to your portfolio. The B2B meetings where arranged perfectly and the parties are put in front of each- other with commonality for a constructive meeting. Our B2B meetings generated numerous amounts of leads and follow-up’s which is what makes events like the A&DSS extremely valuable for our company.”

  • “At the Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit 2022 Boeing detailed where they were just before the pandemic, where they are now, and what’s to come beyond 2022. I met with leaders from Boeing’s Business Development & Strategy, Supply Chain Strategy Future Programs, and Supply Chain StrategyRaw Materials teams. I introduced our R&D, design, test, build, and future goals in sustainability. I had follow up emails on Nagase’s XNR6955 potting material (an epoxy compound for fasteners in honeycomb structures - qualified material in aerospace), adhesive materials, and started discussions on our raw materials in hydrogen fuel cell technology. I had over 7 scheduled meetings with different Boeing teams, in many cases 3 Boeing members per meeting. This was a very successful event for Nagase”

  • “I met interesting people and companies and got RFQs from new companies, and I’m expecting to have a few more RFQs in the future. I found new potential suppliers as well. I met different people from Boeing, they were delighted to see that we are already providing products to Boeing via their Tier One suppliers. It was very helpful to meet many Boeing people from different divisions at the same event; I saved a lot of time and had no need to travel to different sites; we focused on cooperating and enlarging the business. The aerospace market is changing, and the way of working might change as well, especially due to the scarcity of raw materials and reliable suppliers; This is an opportunity for an experienced and reliable company like Cabiran to keep on assisting this industry and grow. I’m happy that I participated in the last A&DSS in Seattle and I kindly recommend you all to do so in future similar events”

  • “BCI events are well organized and bring the relevant functions from customers, suppliers and potential partners to the event. Participation is very easy, the interface is simple and there is no general audience or large exhibition hassle, so the conversion rate of booth visitors to leads to verified leads is extremely high. It is a great opportunity to get the right leads and people and increase your company's exposure to the leading OEMs and companies in the aerospace business. BCI manage to have the OEMs send dedicated teams from various divisions, so you can meet them all in the same event. In the recent event Kanfit has attended, 80% of the time was spend in pre-organized meetings, and 75% of the meetings had follow up after the event.”

  • AD’OCC, Invest and Trade in Occitanie was thrilled to participate to A&DSS Seattle in April 2022 alongside a dozen of regional companies.

    This business convention is a unique opportunity to meet potential suppliers, buyers and partners and several divisions of Boeing reunited under the same roof. AD’OCC, Invest and Trade was able to promote the Occitanie’s aerospace ecosystem during a workshop and to meet new companies interested in setting up their business in our region.

    The customer support from ADBVE is very professional and accommodating.

    This was a successful event for our companies and for AD’OCC and we look forward to participating to A&DSS 2024!

Hotels & Logistics

Hotel booking

BCI Aerospace has granted Group Travels Associates full exclusivity for housing related to this A&DSS Seattle 2022. We strongly recommend you make all your bookings through our partner as this is the best way for you to save a great amount of dollars.

Participants guide

The A&DSS Seattle participants guide is aimed at all the participants and provides information about booths dimensions, furniture, shipping and more. In just 5 pages you'll find the information you need.

Boeing Conference Day


At BCI Aerospace our top priority is to deliver a professional and productive event to all our participants. Safety amid the ongoing pandemic is very high on our list of priorities. We want you to have a smooth experience at our events and reduce risks of infections. The vaccine verification policy in King County will no longer be in effect as of March 1. Businesses will no longer be required to check customers’ proof of vaccination.

Continued COVID-19 prevention:

  • You must wear a surgical mask at all times while at the event and ensure it covers both your mouth and nose. Having spare masks is much appreciated.
  • Properly sanitizing hands before starting every meeting is encourage and appreciated
  • Practicing social distancing is encouraged and appreciated

Please note that these recommendations may evolve should we receive new directions from the State of Washington and Washington State Convention Center management. We also want you to be aware of the following details:

  • BCI Aerospace’s entire team will be wearing face coverings at all time during the event
  • Washington State Convention Center staff will be wearing face coverings at all time during the event
  • Emergency face masks will be supplied by BCI Aerospace
  • Hand sanitizers are provided in different corners of the meeting venue
  • All meal will be seated and handled by Washington State Convention Center inhouse service.

For farther details about COVID-19 recommendations at the venue, please visit this weblink: 
Meet Safely at the Center | Washington State Convention Center ( - COVID-19 Health Order FAQs (

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MARCH 12-14, 2024

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